4 Tips to Help You Design the Best Coffee Packaging

Best Coffee Packaging

Coffee packaging is one of the most important elements of your coffee brand, coming in second to the actual taste and quality of your product. Your coffee packaging can mean the difference between a brand that is ignored by consumers as they walk down the aisles, and a brand that people take a second look at before placing it in their shopping carts. The following are 4 essential tips to help you pick the very best packaging for your coffee.

Tip #1: Consider your target market

It’s important to understand your target market when you’re designing the packaging for your coffee product. Are you trying to appeal to a younger, hip crowd? Then your design can look contemporary and interesting without being off putting. Whereas if you are trying to appeal to the older set, then a more striking contemporary design may not be appealing to them. The more you consider what your target market would like, the better your design will be in the end.

Tip #2: Find at least one unique detail that will stand out on shelves

No matter who your target market is, you absolutely must have something unique about your coffee bags that will make people notice it on the shelves. The unique detail can be just about anything–a striking color, a unique material, a visible zipper, textured packaging, an interesting shape, a very visible and noticeable logo, and so on. You can have more than one unique detail, as long as you make sure that your overall design doesn’t look to cluttered or overwhelming.

Tip #3: Make sure the packaging reflects the product

The look of your coffee bags should always reflect the product and brand that you are trying to sell. It’s important that the design gives people an idea of the type of coffee you’re selling. For example, if your coffee is meant to be an elegant, rich and classic product, then a design with a hot pink finish and a laughing cat on the front would not really match the product. On the other hand, a classic black packaging with a silver finish and a brand name in script would be much more fitting. If you’re having trouble figuring out whether or not the coffee packaging matches the product, you may want to test out a target market first.

Tip #4: Check out competitor bags and logos first

It’s essential that your packaging stands out when it’s on the shelves. One of the most important factors in helping your packaging stand out is making sure that it doesn’t blend in with the coffee bags of your competitors, because you don’t want your products to get mixed up with another company’s bags. The best way to avoid this is to actually take a look at the packaging of your competitors to eliminate any similarities and to ensure that you add something that makes your packaging pop.