Infertility is no more a problem with bitter kola nuts

It’s nothing new that pregnant ladies should keep a keen track on the things they consume and multiple remedies they take up. That is best for the whole world can be harmful to pregnant ladies, that’s the reason it is significant to know if it’s safe to consume any product.

Bitter kola is one of the most popular seeds abundantly grown in Nigeria and is helpful for treating the number of conditions, however, the effectiveness of bitter kola in pregnancy has yet to do something

In the present days, infertility is the primary cause that prevents women from having their joy of being the mother. The reasons of barrenness can differ, and emptiness can be present in men or women irrespective of the gender.

This beautiful fruit bitter kola is the leading infertility remedies with proven effects against the number of causes leading to infertility hence the demand is predominantly high in countries such as the USA, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, India, and some other Asian countries. While most of the bitter kola buyers in Germany

Consistent intake of bitter kola under the direction of an expert medical practitioner can help with the unbalanced menstrual cycle, which is the primary cause of infertility. This beautiful fruit bitter kola can aid men as well if they suffer from lower testosterone. However, in every situation, it’s necessary to consult take guidance from expert medical professional prior to starting any treatment.

Bitter Kola and your trimesters

As bitter kola is such a well-accepted fertility remedy, many people believe it to be highly efficient in terms of pregnancy. It is not a strange thing to say that the kola nut and pregnancy go hand in hand and several pregnant ladies have already endorsed the progressive effect of kola nut.

The well-accepted use of bitter kola, in pregnancy, is to combat morning sickness. Extreme vomiting and nausea discomforts most of the ladies who are expectant, however, taking bitter cola in your daily routine helps elevate this condition and make you feel better. This efficacies of bitter kola in early pregnancy are the primary reason why many women intake it during this time.

Harmful effects of bitter kola

As it has been discussed above that pregnant women must keep an eye upon what they’re consuming particularly as a few products are prohibited to use throughout pregnancy, and others should be taken up in restricted amounts. The same goes for bitter kola as well.

Though bitter kola is a remedy for its following effect during the early trimester of the pregnancy, you should be very cautious about adding kola nut to your regimen. Bitter kola is highly abundant in caffeine, which, in higher consumption doses that leads to harmful results to the pregnant lady and the baby, causing premature births, lower weight in the newly born child, and various congenital disabilities.

A single kola nut carries as much amount of caffeine as two cups of coffee that means it is quite easy to have a higher intake of caffeine during pregnancy.

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