The Facts About Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

If you’ve ever been to a wedding reception, and chances are that you have, you probably remember the delicious wedding cake that was served to all of the guests. Wedding cakes can make a sweet moment literally taste even sweeter, so you would be hard pressed to find a wedding reception in the United States that doesn’t serve some form of cake. Everything about the wedding cake is designed to be elegant and beautiful from the frosting and cake topper to the cutting knife, cake tray, and cake table.

The design of the cake usually goes hand-in-hand with the rest of the decorations at the reception which is typically discussed in detail between the couple and their wedding cake designer. Everything from the shape and design of the cake to the choice of flavor is tailor made to the preferences of the couple, so each wedding cake is 100% unique. Though there are many factors that go into choosing your design for the cake such as budget, it is more important to focus on the baker or cake design company you want to choose for the job. The quality of your wedding cake will vary greatly depending on who you choose for the job, so make sure to do some research and get a few referrals before making a final choice.

Additionally, some couples choose to have special decorations added to their wedding cake to make it special and more memorable for the guests. There are a lot of different things you can do to dress up your wedding cake, but one of the more popular choices emerging these days are wedding cake sparklers. When shopping for the best price, you should remember that cake and bottle sparklers are essentially the same thing, so it doesn’t matter which you buy because they will both do the job perfectly. Be careful, however, because there are companies that also make sparklers for weddings which are meant to be held in your hand and are not at all safe to put in your cake. Just find the lowest price possible, make sure they are safe to use with food, and you can save a little money for other parts of your wedding celebration.

Lastly, the flavor and type of cake you choose will play a large role in your reception. When choosing a regular type of cake, you’ll need to remember that there are several flavors available ranging from lemon cake to chocolate cake. If you go with a less traditional style of wedding cake such as cheesecake, you’ll need to have refrigeration available to keep it chilled until you’re ready to serve it. You also need to keep in mind that some people may have dietary needs such as being lactose or gluten intolerant and will need a special type of cake. It’s best to have a little checkbox on your RSVP cards so you can plan ahead for these guests. As long as you know what you need to buy, planning for these dietary concerns is a piece of cake.