Processed shrimp menu as family meals

Processed shrimp

Shrimp contain plenty of protein and calcium but low in calories. So you all need not fear fat when eating shrimp, and of course protein and calcium is good for your beloved children who are in a period of growth. So for the mother-housewife who likes and hobbies will be processed shrimp cook can make it as one of the menus to be served to your family. By way of simple processing, so you do not need to bother to define a suitable menu for your beloved family as easy shrimp recipes. Before you start cooking with shrimp processed, it helps us read the shrimp cooking tips:

Tips For Cooking Shrimp:

• Choose fresh shrimp with shrimp body grasp manner, if the shrimp body still feels hard means the state is still good or fresh shrimp.
• When cooking shrimp peeled shrimp shells can be used or not, it all depends on your taste. But usually shrimp will taste more delicious if cooked with its skin. Because in shrimp shell contains antibodies. So if my friend tend to be allergic to shrimp, the better to eat with the skin. Because usually can be an antidote. Because chitosan based research, “shells” can treat various diseases including hypertension and diabetes mellitus. That some of the properties and functions of shrimp which was very good for health. But for my friend who have high cholesterol, should be somewhat mitigated yes eat shrimp or seafood.

Example we will cook sweet and sour shrimp

Ingredients To Make Shrimp Sweet Acid:
• Tiger shrimp or according to taste, cleaned
• cooking oil or margarine to taste, for sauteing
Shrimp Seasoning Sweet Acid Need Prepared:
• Salt to taste
• Sugar, to taste
• Seasonings flavor, taste
• bangkok sauce (optional if liked)
• 5 grains of red onion
• 3 point Garlic
• 1 piece Onions, finely chopped
• 1 tomato, chopped
• 5 pieces of red pepper, to taste
• 1 tsp tamarind water
How To Make The delicious Shrimp Sweet Acid:
• Puree onion, garlic, tomatoes and red peppers.
• Heat oil or butter, enter the shrimp and stir until reddish.
• Enter the onions, stir briefly and then add the spice paste.
• Add tamarind water, salt, sugar, flavor and taste bangkok sauce, stirring until blended. If it is already fitted seasoning, turn off the heat, remove from heat and serve.