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4 Tips to Help You Design the Best Coffee Packaging

Coffee packaging is one of the most important elements of your coffee brand, coming in second to the actual taste and quality of your product. Your coffee packaging can mean the difference between a brand that is ignored by consumers as they walk down the aisles, and a brand that people take a second look at before placing it in their shopping carts. The following are 4 essential tips to help you pick the very best packaging for your coffee.

Tip #1: Consider your target market

It’s important to understand your target market when you’re designing the packaging for your coffee product. Are you trying to appeal to a younger, hip crowd? Then your design can look contemporary and interesting without being off putting. Whereas if you are trying to appeal to the older set, then a more striking contemporary design may not be appealing to them. The more you consider what your target market would like, the better your design will be in the end.

Tip #2: Find at least one unique detail that will stand out on shelves

No matter who your target market is, you absolutely must have something unique about your coffee bags that will make people notice it on the shelves. The unique detail can be just about anything–a striking color, a unique material, a visible zipper, textured packaging, an interesting shape, a very visible and noticeable logo, and so on. You can have more than one unique detail, as long as you make sure that your overall design doesn’t look to cluttered or overwhelming.

Tip #3: Make sure the packaging reflects the product

The look of your coffee bags should always reflect the product and brand that you are trying to sell. It’s important that the design gives people an idea of the type of coffee you’re selling. For example, if your coffee is meant to be an elegant, rich and classic product, then a design with a hot pink finish and a laughing cat on the front would not really match the product. On the other hand, a classic black packaging with a silver finish and a brand name in script would be much more fitting. If you’re having trouble figuring out whether or not the coffee packaging matches the product, you may want to test out a target market first.

Tip #4: Check out competitor bags and logos first

It’s essential that your packaging stands out when it’s on the shelves. One of the most important factors in helping your packaging stand out is making sure that it doesn’t blend in with the coffee bags of your competitors, because you don’t want your products to get mixed up with another company’s bags. The best way to avoid this is to actually take a look at the packaging of your competitors to eliminate any similarities and to ensure that you add something that makes your packaging pop.

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Essential Maintenance Tasks for a Commercial Kitchen

If you are thinking of getting into the restaurant business, there are certain kitchen maintenance tasks one needs to be aware of, and these include the grease trap cleaning, which is an essential part of maintaining the kitchen. Ask any experienced commercial kitchen manager about cleaning out the grease trap and they will tell you that failure to do so could render the drains blocked and that can close the kitchen for at least a day, if not longer.

Grease Trap Maintenance

Every commercial kitchen will have one of these, and it prevents grease, fats, and oils from entering the drainage system, and as we all know, that can really cause a serious blockage. If the grease trap is not cleaned out on a regular basis, once it is full, it can no longer do its job and that’s when a drain blockage is likely. If you happen to be looking for grease trap cleaning in Sydney, there is a family run business that is dedicated to cleaning out and maintaining grease traps for commercial kitchens, and by making an agreement with them, your system will always be clean and ready to trap all that unwanted sludge.

Locating the Grease Trap

This would normally be underground and the cover would be located outside the building and can be easily levered off with a crowbar (or it might have bolts) and the best way to tackle this messy job is to call in a professional grease trap cleaner, who has all the equipment to safely remove all the excess grease safely. They would have a special truck that can suck the contents out of the trap, which is the cleanest and safest way to carry out this messy job, and by forging an alliance with a local provider, your grease trap will always be clean and can effectively do the job for which it is designed.

Canopies and Filters

The typical commercial kitchen had a system of canopies and ducting with filters located in certain places, and these also need to be professionally cleaned at regular intervals. The kitchen needs to be shut down while this is done, and with everything covered, a special spray is coated onto the canopy surfaces, which will degrease and remove all traces of cooking residue, and there are companies that will come in and do this work, and what’s more, they will carry out the work in the early hours of the morning, which is the only time the kitchen is not being used.

Climate Control

Another system that needs to be serviced, the HVAC system that keeps temperatures at a comfortable level must regularly be serviced, and this should be carried out according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Imagine how hot the kitchen would be without the a/c working? This is why you must always maintain the system according to the recommended instructions.

Keeping a commercial kitchen in tip-top condition involves several key tasks, and by outsourcing these to local companies, you can cost effectively ensure that the kitchen is always ready for work.

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Discover the Flavours of Asian Cuisine

A trip to Asia is not complete without tasting the local dishes and experiencing the interesting ingredients available in this part of the world. From Thailand to China, there are many different flavours to experience. Each culture has unique cuisine, and most are famous worldwide with good reason. Everyone who comes to these incredible countries falls in love with one cuisine or another, but once you leave holiday and return home it can be difficult to recreate these delectable dishes.

Beloved Asian Dishes

Massaman curry is a traditional Thai food that was recently voted the most delicious food in the world. A pretty hefty title to carry around, but it was well deserved. This lightly spiced, heavily flavoured dish appeals to taste buds all over the world. A number of other Asian dishes also regularly appear on lists of favourite foods, including sushi from Japan, pho from Vietnam, laksa from Malaysia, and chilli crab from Singapore. What these foods all have in common are accessible flavour combinations, which are savoury, somewhat spicy, but also cater to a sweet palate. This same combination is found in other popular Asian dishes such as satay and stir-fry.

Certain Asian foods carry a robust flavour profile. Green curry from Thailand tastes strongly of chillies, lemongrass, and coconut milk. These three flavours are uncommon in the United Kingdom or European countries. Sichuan cuisine from central China features strong flavours highlighted by chillies, garlic, and peanuts. The traditional dish of Cambodia is called amok. With a powerful lemongrass flavour, it can be overwhelming at first, but the locals swear by it.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, families often cook with sweet soy sauce, peanuts, tamarind, and ginger. It can take some time for palates to adjust to these different combinations, but as familiarity with these ingredients increases, so does the joy of consuming them.

How to Make Asian Dishes at Home

It is possible to find packets or containers of premixed ingredients for dishes such as curry (from India, Thailand, Cambodia, or even Vietnam), stir-fry, and kungpao sauce. Whether as a sauce or powder, these premixed ingredients take a lot of the guesswork out of preparing Asian food, but it can still be costly and time consuming to create a meal.

One great way to experience Asian flavours while at home in the United Kingdom is to buy high quality frozen meals. For instance, if you find a good brand of frozen satay, you will discover an authentic beef satay that should not be missed. Today, frozen foods can be MSG free and prepared without preservatives, making these meals cost efficient, healthy, and delicious. Frequently, frozen foods are made with fresh, natural ingredients that are perfect when heated properly.

Frozen meals are an easy way to try new foods. Cooks do not need to waste time and effort trying to concoct an unfamiliar recipe that uses unfamiliar ingredients. Many Asian dishes are complex and time consuming to prepare, particularly if it is the first time trying a dish or food. Instead, frozen satay and similar meals are simple and convenient to prepare.

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Why You Need Good Quality Equipment when Cooking your Hog Roast

f you want to make sure that your hog roast turns out the best it can when the time for your event comes along then you need to do everything you can to make sure that you only use the finest equipment around. Of course, it is more than possible for you to buy your own equipment and in some instances you may even be able to rent it, but if your equipment isn’t the best that it can be then this could actually affect the taste of your meat. For example, poor quality equipment may not cook your hog as well and you may also find that it compromises the flavour as well.

On top of this, when you have poor quality equipment, you’ll also find that your hog may take longer than the required time to cook and even then you won’t know if it is cooked all the way through or not. Your local hog roast provider will be able to help you with all of this and they are usually very accommodating when it comes to their own equipment as well. If you are renting your equipment then always make sure that your provider can guarantee the quality. It may even be worth you looking up the brand they use as well so you can make sure that you aren’t ever going to overpay for what you need and that you are only hiring the best in your local area.

Why don’t you get started for yourself today to see how you could benefit? You would be surprised at how easy it is for you to get everything sorted out and your hogroast Dorset provider might even be able to cook the hog for you as well.

uld even ask them where their pigs come from because they can tell you if they source local pigs or not and they can also tell you how they cook the pig and for how long as well so you can always find out if they are experienced or not.

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Spitting Pig- The Best Solution for Crackling Lovers

If you have a family that love to have a BBQ or if you are one of those people who just love the smell of hot meat as soon as it comes out of the oven then a spitting pig is certainly for you. The best thing about a spitting pig is that you get that great roasted feeling and you don’t need to worry about how you are going to get everyone fed on the day. So what do you need to know about a spitting pig? If you know a lot of people who love pork crackling then it really is the ideal solution. The best of it is that your spitting pig provider will be able to season the skin for you and they can also help you to dish up the meat when it has been done as well so you know you won’t have to worry about anything in that instance.

You should also note that if you have some family members that don’t love crackling, that your spitting pig Wirral provider can work with you to make sure that the meat is plated up accordingly so you know you really can reap the benefits in this instance as well. With so many options to choose from, it really is no wonder why more and more people are going for a spitting pig over the other catering options that are on the market and it is a great way for you to keep the cost down as well.

Why don’t you get one for your event today to see how you could reap the benefits? It has never been easier for you to find what you need and you would be surprised at how easy it could all be for you to get everyone’s needs met.

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Chinese Takeaway: A Great Choice

Of all the takeaway food choices that have developed through the years, Chinese food may well be the most popular choice. Most of the people like Chinese food, even if you didn’t try it at an early age, and the portions are just right for most meals. The ingredients and seasonings are nutritious and the cost is reasonable, which pleases the individual who is interested in getting maximum value for their money.

As more people from China immigrated into the UK, they established businesses to provide meals to the public, while spreading the Chinese culture in their communities. Some of the earliest restaurants and takeaway businesses have been in the country for several generations, and have become established and recognised elements of their new home. In fact, some histories show that this type of fare first appeared in the UK more than a hundred years ago.

Rapid Growth and Acceptance

Chinese families took the opportunity to expand their offerings, especially in the middle of the twentieth century. Before the twenty-first century was ushered in, there was a takeaway business or restaurant in most locations, making it possible to enjoy great food close to home. Of course, these enterprising businesses have moved ahead with the times and technology, making it quite easy to order your favourite Chinese selection online.

When your family or individual situation makes it necessary to have a nutritious meal quickly, without paying too much, consider Chinese takeaway in Swindon. Order sweet and sour chicken, or perhaps pork with the same seasonings. If you prefer Chow Mein, that is certainly on the menu as well. Do not forget the rice, a healthy option and a staple of the Chinese diet. When all is said and done, it is time to enjoy the most recognisable Chinese food tradition—the fortune cookie.

Something New

Those who have enjoyed Chinese takeaway for many years might be surprised by some of the newer items on the menu. The list might include Chili Chicken or a special preparation of beef that has not been available in the past. In fact, there are a number of different regions in China that have their own culture and their own method of food preparation. Cantonese is generally the most common in the UK and the US.

In addition, families are pleased with the affordability and availability of Chinese takeaway. A healthy and filling meal may cost an individual £10 or less. Many takeaway businesses and restaurants are open every day, with hours extending to 11pm for convenience. One of the benefits of the popularity is the opportunity to learn more about another culture. Beginning with the traditional food items, some people move on to gather information about the people, their language, and their way of living.

For example, the Chinese New Year is much different from the New Year observance in the UK. The new year begins on a different day each time, rather than on January 1, as in some other cultures. Start with Chinese takeaway and broaden your horizons.